Everything You Needed to Know About the Andaman Islands – II

Along with natural beauty, the islands have a colorful history, luxury properties, and even a secret stretch of sand.

Calling history buffs. Take a look back:

People make places. The Andaman Islands are made up of indigenous tribes, locals who can trace their roots to the North, South and East of India, and immigrants from Myanmar and Tibet. How they got here is what historians can’t agree on. To learn more about the local tribal communities head to the Anthropological Museum in Port Blair (a ferry ride away from Havelock Island).

Green corals in the clear blue ocean at the Andaman Island
Andaman Cellular Jail

Photo Courtesy: Harvinder Chandigarh CC BY-SA 4.0

What written history does agree on is that the islands were once a much feared place. This was where the British colonizers exiled political prisoners. Isolated from the rest of India, the prisoners couldn’t stir the freedom movement. The journey from the mainland was arduous and dangerous, and prisoners were deliberately packed in the middle of the night. Those who made it to shore were subjected to hard labor, and many lost their lives. As an allegory for this bleakness, the islands earned the name of kalapani (literally Black Water). Today the former prison complex serves as a national memorial. Thankfully, there’s nothing left of the metaphorical kalapani. Almost in defiance of history, today Havelock is synonymous with luxury and good times.

Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding

Photo Courtesy: Allan Ajifo CC BY-SA 2.0

You’re in for a treat:

Given the idyllic settings, Havelock is the choice for lovers. Destination weddings, honeymoons, babymoon breaks, renewal of vows, go down perfectly against the backdrop. A picture-perfect setting that even Bollywood has fallen in love with. Havelock was made for romance with snug home-stays and opulent resorts that will sweep you off your feet. For a touch of the rustic with the lavish, opt for the Barefoot Resort. This is Andaman’s first eco-friendly resort. In the midst of a tropical forest, you’ll come home to a cabin made of wood, powered by solar energy. Yet you won’t have to give up on modern amenities and you’ll enjoy some great hospitality. If you’re looking for an even slower pace, head to Neil island.

Green corals in the clear blue ocean at the Andaman Island
Sunset Point Neil Island

Go the extra isle:

It’s almost as if time forgot this place. A short ferry ride from Havelock, Neil island seems a decade behind. There’s not much to do here other than relax. Sometimes that’s just what you need. Spend hours lounging on the beach. Hire a bicycle to get around the island. Stop at the little mom-and-pop stores that sell local goodies. In the evening, sit back and take in the sepia-toned sunset. Head here soon, before the crowds discover this secret stretch.

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