The Saffron Journal – A New Beginning

Over the years, we have strived to craft bespoke tours for our clients so that they can experience India in a uniquely personal way and create lasting memories of their time in India. Yes! India is an exotic destination and the country has something for everyone. Crave the thrill of adventure sports? Or would you rather detoxify and rejuvenate at an Ayurvedic spa resort? Like to spend time with the intricate design of the Taj Mahal or lose yourself in the extravagant sculptures of ancient Hindu temples? You could relax in a luxurious houseboat as you cruise through the lush backwaters of the south or indulge in gastronomic delights found amidst the buzzing cities. India has it all. So, we present to you a way to peek into the diversity that is India – Check out our blog and find the aspects of India that interest you.

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About Saffron Dreams

We love India. We want you to experience the best it has to offer.

There are just so many wonderful things to see in India that we always run out of breath and space while listing them. Thousand-year-old temples, tropical forests, buzzing cities, delicious food, luxurious hotels – this is the beginning! Luckily, we know India inside out. We know how to make sure that your trips are full of magical moments while being comfortable at the same time. We'd appreciate the chance to plan the details for your trip..... Read More