Treat Yourself to a Retreat – Top Indian Ayurvedic Spa Resorts

Do you feel out of tune with your body? Whether you are struggling with a chronic illness or pain, or you simply spend too much time fuming in traffic, the ancient health science of Ayurveda may help kick-start your immune system and alleviate the pain and stress.

Translated as the ‘science of life’, Ayurveda is system of health that is entirely focused around bringing the body back into harmony – from the root of the problem to the symptoms that keep you from feeling your best.

Ayurvedic practitioners understand that everything in the body is connected and that everyone is different, so each treatment plan is personalized with remedies meant just for you! They consider each individual’s constitution when prescribing treatments, exercise routines and daily dietary recommendations.

We have mentioned spa resorts that feature Ayurvedic treatments, but if you are interested in a full-immersion Ayurvedic retreat where the health secrets of the ancients are at your fingertips, check out these luxurious Ayurvedic resorts below!

Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Ayurvedic Spa Villa

Photo Courtesy: Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

Here, on the shimmering shore of the Arabian Sea, ancient systems of Ayurveda are tailored to your wellness goals. For a detoxification of the body and mind, you could choose the Panchakarma program (a sanskrit word that means five-treatment). Through daily massage, ancient essential oil therapy, and herbal detox therapies, this program aims to purify the body through the release of toxins – and therefore regain a healthy balance between the body and mind. Other packages, such as anti-aging, weight loss and stress management, utilize Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, massage and naturopathic medicine to customize your stay.

Kalari Kovilakom, Kollengode, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Ayurvedic Massage at Kalari Kovilakomm

Photo Courtesy: CGH Earth

At Kalari, you will be enveloped by an ancient Ayurvedic lifestyle that is prescribed by your Vaidya, or doctor. Medicinal herbal treatments and meals that focus around balance and detoxifcation are an integral part of this healing retreat.

Personalized Sauna treatment

Photo Courtesy: CGH Earth

Ayurvedic diets are specifically tailored to what each guest needs. Yoga, meditation and consultation with a guru, known at Satsang, are also part of the wellness program at this quiet and spiritual center.

Relaxing Moments at the Kalari Kovilakom

Photo Courtesy: CGH Earth

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort, Kottayam, Kerala, India

Ayurvedic Treatments at Athreya Ayurvedic Resort

Photo Courtesy: Athreya Ayurvedic Resort

A serene place of healing where individual needs are of the utmost importance. Many guests return regularly to Athreya because of the improvement in health they experienced during their initial visit. Knowledgeable doctors and staff attend to personal needs, providing exquisite care through ancient Ayurvedic wisdom that goes beyond any type of predetermined, one-size-fits-all program.

Embracing Kerala’s Simplicity

Photo Courtesy: Athreya Ayurvedic Resort

At first glance, this resort may seem more simplistic than some of the others we’ve mentioned, but its close adherence to the ritual of Ayurvedic medicine and emphasis on compassionate, individualized care are what keep guest returning on a regular basis.

Did the idea of these Ayurvedic resorts appeal to you? If you’d like to learn more about the theory of Ayurveda, check out our blog about Ayurvedic body types!

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