Want to see a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild?

Did you know India is home to more than half the world’s population of wild tigers? Your bucket list just grew longer! Here is a list of places where you will have the best chance to spot one in the wild.

1. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh: This is your best bet to see a wild Royal Bengal Tiger as Bandhavgarh has an extremely high density of these majestic cats.

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh The park is a dense forest of bamboo and sal, overlooking rocky terrain, historic forts, and hermit caves. This makes the search even more exciting and adventurous. If you’d rather just enjoy the lovely views and relax, you can even hire someone do the hard work of tracking a tiger for you. Once the royal animal has been traced, your local naturalist will take you to closest viewing point.

2. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan: What sets this reserve apart from the others in India is the fact that it is a great conservation example.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan The tigers here are well protected by the dedicated local community and tourism is controlled. A small number of jeeps and canters enter this tiger reserve every morning and slowly make their way towards the three water bodies, to spot animals quench their thirst. Ranthambhore offers a high chance of spotting a wild tiger. But even if the majestic big cat manages to stay away from peering eyes, it’s easy to feel its strong presence. Telltale marks of tree bark scratches and several pugmarks make you feel close to the graceful animal. You know a tiger is near when the herds of deer start to get jumpy and the monkeys on lookout duty scream out their alarm calls. It’s time to get your binoculars out and enjoy the rare chance to get close to this king of Ranthambhore.

3. Sunderban National Park, West Bengal: This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers you an extremely unique experience of exploring wildlife on a boat! This park is a jungle of mangroves stretching across 54 islands accessible only by a boat. Sometimes the tigers here can be shy, but you will still witness lots of reptiles, dolphins, sharks, crocodile, and birds from your boat. That is a thrilling experience on its own.

4. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra: This is fast becoming a popular national parks to spot a wild tiger.

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra An open jeep safari ride around the two lakes and several waterholes usually guarantees the rare sight of this elusive big cat. You can also easily spot leopards, sloths and over 200 species of birds including the lovely crested serpent eagle. The park has some lovely luxury resorts to unwind after an adventurous day in the forest.

5. Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand: The country’s first tiger reserve is also one of the most beautiful.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand You can sit on elephant back or choose a jeep safari. This park has an extremely large population of mammals and birds, so there’s plenty to keep you busy during your search to spot the magnificent beast. The views are breathtaking, so you will never return disappointed.
      If you have an existing itinerary in mind but want to see if you can squeeze in a tiger safari or two, you’re in the right place. Create a customized itinerary!      

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