What Ayurveda Teaches Us About Healthy Eating

What if we said that knowing your Ayurvedic body type might help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and even combat depression? Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing and medicine, teaches us that eating and exercising as per your body type can help you optimize your health. Take this quiz to learn your Ayurvedic Body Type!


  • Are you slender without dieting to lose weight?
  • Are you very creative?
  • Do you walk quickly?
  • Are you easily excitable?
  • Does your energy come and go in bursts throughout the day?
  • Do you hate the cold? Are your hands and feet usually cold?
  • Are you a light sleeper?
  • Do your thoughts constantly change? Do you have poor long term memory?
  • Do you speak quickly in a high pitch?
  • Does your appetite vary? Do you often feel constipated?
  • Is anxiety a common reaction to stress? Does your heart often race?
  • Is your skin usually dry?
If you answered – yes’ to 7 or more? these questions, read about the Vata Type below!



  • Do you have strong muscles and big bones?
  • Are you focused with good concentration, even for long periods of time?
  • Are you assertive and sometimes aggressive when frustrated?
  • Do you have a large appetite and good digestion?
  • Do you get hangry when you have to wait to eat?
  • Do you have fair skin that sunburns easily? Do you get rashes or suffer from acne?
  • Do you hate the heat?
  • Are you an entrepreneur with great public speaking skills?
  • Are you a romantic?
  • Would a loved one say you have a lot of temper tantrums?
  • Do you get dry eyes
If you answered – yes, to 7 or more? of these questions, read about the Pitta Type below!



  • Are you very relaxed and easy going?
  • Are you often lethargic?
  • Do you have a slow metabolism?
  • Are you overweight or do you put weight on easily?
  • Is your skin oily?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in cold and damp weather?
  • Do you sleep for a long time, but wake up still tired?
  • Are you stiff in the morning?
  • Do you often feel bloated?
  • Do you have a lot of congestion?
If you answered ‘yes’ to 7 or more of these questions, read about the Kapha type below!


Balancing Our Bodies If your answers were overwhelmingly ‘yes'(more than seven) for any one body type, it means that is your predominant Ayurvedic body type, and your diet and lifestyle goals should be to bring the other two into balance.


Read on for some simple diet and lifestyle recommendations that may help you maintain a healthy weight or lower your stress.


Vata: Vatas are considered airy, cold and dry, so eating cooked foods with warm spices like cinnamon and adding moistening oils to your diet will be helpful when it comes to digestion and alleviating dry skin. Maintaining a regular eating schedule will help regulate digestion, as well, rather than grazing throughout the day. Any sort of grounding and gentle mind-body practice, such as yoga and meditation, will help alleviate stress.


Pitta: This is the fire element, which explains why Pitta-predominant individuals hate the heat and get sunburned easily. Eating dry, cool foods that are raw or only lightly cooked and avoiding anything spicy or hot-natured, like coffee or tobacco, is beneficial and will help the body acclimate to hotter environments ‘like Texas in July! Eating cooler foods might also help resolve acne from the inside out. In terms of lifestyle, it is key to have enough time for work and play, as Pittas tend to spend most of their time focused on what they have to accomplish! Moderate, cardio-focused exercise is recommended to help Pittas lower stress, relax and enjoy the good life!


Kapha: Kapha is the water element. This is why a Kapha-dominant person will feel uncomfortable in cold and damp environments. If possible, warmer and drier climates are preferable! In terms of diet, Kaphas should eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, cut out most oily and heavy foods, and reduce salt intake. Regular and vigorous exercise is encouraged to help maintain a healthy weight. Kapha body types may find that their optimal body weight is a few pounds heavier than a Vata or a Pitta. Ayurveda is a holistic system of health whose roots wind thousands of years back through time, originating in ancient India. Focused on cultivating wellness by balancing the body, heart and mind, Ayurveda takes into account each individual’s constitution in order to determine how to achieve optimal health. If you want to learn about how Ayurveda can help you with your healthy diet and lifestyle goals, stay tuned to our upcoming blogs!



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