Why you need to head to India for a drink – IV


Coffee beans still in pods growing on a branchCoffee Beans

Photo Courtesy – Shashank Gupta CC BY-SA 2.0
Coffee originated in Ethiopia, and was soon brought to Arabia. It was an Indian, Baba Budan, who smuggled seven coffee beans to the south Indian state of Karnataka, on his return from Mecca. It was illegal back then to take coffee beans out of Arabia. What started as a few seeds, is today a coffee-growing region that spans towns.

Hill covered in coffee plantsCoffee Plantation- Coorg, South India

Photo Courtesy: Philip Larson CC BY-SA 4.0

One such hill-town is Coorg. It’s verdant pastures and hidden water-falls make it a favorite with nature tourists, who explore the region on guided hikes and treks.

Waterfalls surrounded by lush greeneryAbbey Waterfalls, South India

Photo Courtesy – Gopal Vijayaraghavan CC BY-SA 2.0


Waterfalls surrounded by lush greeneryIruppu Waterfalls, South India

Photo Courtesy – Samuel Jacob CC BY-SA 2.0


Looking up at the sky, all you can see is palm trees towering over you! Coorg, India
Palm Trees growing abounds in Coorg, South India

Photo Courtesy – Yogendra Joshi CC BY-SA 2.0
Apart from the natural beauty, Coorg also offers a cauldron of cultures. Coorg is dominated by the Kodava race, an exotic people who are believed to have been the descendants of Persians, Kurds and Greeks.

Traditional South India Filter CoffeeTraditional South India Filter Coffee

Photo Courtesy – Charles Haynes CC BY-SA 2.0
Chance upon a gabby local, and over a cup of joe, you’re sure to come away with many tall tales.

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