What Our Guests Say About Us

Mr. Wrape & Mr. Wong (February 2020)

Thanks to your planning and the people who work with you in India, the whole trip went very smoothly. As you predicted, Ali was excellent in every way—his knowledge, his personality, his attention to detail. He is passionate about his country and communicates that very well. Likewise Raj, our driver, was congenial and, most of all, a very skilled driver. Even riding was an experience! In Varanasi Geeta provided us with the same level of service.

Everything—planes, hotels, restaurants, and site visits—were very enjoyable. We used common sense in relation to food, and neither one of us got sick. We returned just in time to avoid a blizzard in upstate New York. Quite a change in temperature! Right now we are having a blizzard.

Again, thank you for an incredible experience. Stay well.


John Wrape

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Mr. & Mrs. Goldstein (February 2020)

Hi Rachit

We are sitting in the Mumbai airport waiting for our flight to Cambodia and reflecting on our wonderful time here in India. This has been a wonderful experience in large part to your efforts and recommendations. All of our accommodations were perfectly in line with our needs. Thanks to you, we celebrated our Anniversary for two weeks! Thanks for all the gifts. We will always treasure our photo at The Taj Mahal. We are very happy that we chose to have the same guide from Delhi thru Udaipur. Mina was very well spoken and informed although at times she was too overprotective and could talk too much. However, she showed us the real India through her insights and with side trips to little villages. We especially enjoyed the cooking experience in Jaipur and the opportunity to visit with the Singh family.

Mr.K was an excellent driver. He was always on time, responsible and very protective of us entering and exiting the vehicle. Plus he kept our guide on task. I know it was our decision but I would recommend that if another traveler has experienced safari anywhere, I would not include Ranthambore. It is out of the way. The weather was bitter cold and knowing it would be rare to see a tiger, we saw very few animals at all. There was a lot of hours of driving so perhaps it would be better to add some flights. Lakhsman Sagar was lovely but, one afternoon and evening is not enough time. We probably should have added a few days in Lakhsman Sagar and skipped Ranthambore altogether.

We both felt that this trip exceeded our expectations and are thankful that we chose your company. We had no problems and everyone involved was kind, courteous and respectful.

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The Patel Family (December 2019)

Our Family Trip to India Dec 19 – Dec 28, 2019 –

We were planning a trip to India since we had to attend a wedding there in our family. While I was looking online, I came across Saffron Dreams’ website. I started to search their website and was very interested in what they had to offer in terms of personal tours as we did not want to do a tour that was set and did not allow for any modifications.

I proceeded to contact them and got a hold of Rachit, founder of Saffron Dreams. From the get go, I was thoroughly impressed with how knowledgeable and detail oriented Rachit was. He went through all of the different places and parts of India we could visit in the amount of time that we had which, was not a lot. So, we finally decided on visiting New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Chaunod Garh and Udaipur.

Once that was set, Rachit went ahead and planned out our Itinerary, he told us that it would be fast paced but we would be able to cover and see everything that we needed to. He also mentioned that we could change it a bit once we got there with the tour guide but that never crossed our minds once we were there. A few days before our trip was to begin, we received our tour package which was very detailed and we went through everything with him.

We arrived in Delhi and had a little mix up on where we were to meet our tour director Abidji, but that was resolved rather quickly after we contacted him. I cannot say enough good things about our tour director Abid and our chauffer Vikashji. They both were very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, went out of their ways to make our trip stress less and very enjoyable. We could not have asked for any better combination of people than them, well done Rachit. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at each of the hotels that Rachit had booked for us as well as all the restaurants that we ate at.

Our highlight of the tour was Chaunod Garh, a small village in the state of Rajasthan. Chanoud Garh is a 300 years old palace that has been updated with modern amenities and it is a family ran hotel. Every detail has been carefully laid out and planned, we were impressed with everyone at the hotel. It is a unique experience to enjoy and see the daily life of a villager in Rajasthan, India.
From the food, hospitality and the personal touch of the family was something to see, we highly recommend it. It is a must see in your tour of Rajasthan.

Once again, thank you Rachit and your entire team for a memorable experience. We will be sure to recommend your company to our friends and family.

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Vije Family (December 2019 – January 2020)

We cannot express enough gratitude to Saffron Dreams and our tour director Singh for how wonderful, magical, inspiring and meaningful this particular trip to India was for our family. It started with a vision to visit our three loving grandparents who live in Gujarat and Andhra respectively. After hearing about a similar tour a few friends did through Saffron Dreams, we reached out to Rachit to help us expand our trip to include a tour of North India.

We only had 6 days between seeing the grandparents, and Rachit was able to create a great itinerary for that amount of time and for a family traveling with young children. He was very responsive from first contact and took time to get to know us, even meeting with us in person at our home to go over the tour. He took into account our children, interests, passions, likes, dislikes, goals, and familiarity with travel to India. This was our third India trip as a family but first time to visit the beautiful sites. We had some personal requests related to the hotels, and he was kind and accommodating about any change (even on short notice) and would give his honest opinions. It is obvious that he has gone and stayed in the specific hotels, researched the sites, met with the tour directors in person, and actually done the excursions he recommends first hand.

A week before our departure, we received a welcome package that included a nice personal note, clear itinerary, all hotel stays, and directions and guidelines. Rachit also scheduled a call with me to go over all of it, confirm our travel visas and answer any pending questions couple days beforehand. Different from most clients I believe, we booked our international and domestic flights through Rachit. He navigated our complicated travel plans and also added my parents on the same flight from US to India after the fact. Once comfortably on our flight, a couple things came up that we texted him about, and night or day – he was available and quick in his responses. He checked in with us at several points throughout our travels to make sure all was going well and our needs were being met.

Our tour began in Delhi, where we were promptly greeted at the airport by our exceptional tour director. He was super friendly, got to know us, and oriented us to the itinerary on the way to our hotel. This was the case on the way to each stop – he would always orient us on where we were going next. Each morning he would greet us with a fresh smile and welcome, and each evening he would make sure all was set for the evening at hotel. He coordinated all check ins and check outs, restaurant reservations, and activities and made sure we were happy. We stayed at the Oberoi in central Delhi as well as the Oberoi Amar Villas in Agra, and finally the Taj Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur. All were beyond our expectations but especially the Oberoi in Agra was the most magnificent, and we wished we had more time there. We would recommend earlier check in and one less stop in Agra, as we felt rushed to see the Taj Mahal which was the absolute climax of the trip. This day in particular felt a bit crammed and crowded, but some of it is related to the number of days we had to see everything we wanted (which we absolutely were able to!).

The trip was amazing, largely because of the tour director Singh – his deep knowledge of Indian history and religions, unscripted explanations, answers to any and all questions, obvious love of India and his work and genuine care for our family. He displayed kindness, friendship and patience towards our boys. He was doing his job, but he never made us feel like it. By the end of the tour, we felt like he was part of the family and likely gained a lifelong friend across the waters. At our last stop of Jaipur, which is his beloved hometown, he even went home to get his motorbike which my boys were thrilled to take a ride on. My littlest one literally requested to go stay at his home, and he wholeheartedly responded yes. When my boys would be ready to move on prematurely at any site, he always responded with a calm patience, held their hands and maintained conversations that kept both the kids and us adults interested. He also got all our tickets, handled all the tipping, and guided us in advance on how to respond in certain situations and interactions that foreigners may not be accustomed to. At the same time, he respected where we came from and took into account us being Indian ourselves. My priority was the safety and security of my children in such a populated place, and he went over and beyond to assure this.

We would highly recommend Saffron Dreams and our specific tour director to anyone traveling to India, especially families with young children. Rachit’s tours go beyond sightseeing, and you will be immersed in authentic cultural experiences.

Wishing happy travels and many adventures from our family to yours, The Vijes.

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Hammer Family & Maharaj Family (December 2019)

Dear Rachit,

Thank you for the most wonderful experience. Travelling to India is an intimidating thought and we were worried about doing the arrangements on our own. From the moment we spoke you were a class operation and delivered more than promised.

When we arrived in Delhi, our tour guide, Singh was waiting for us with a sign with my name on it. He along with his assistant helped us transport our luggage to a beautiful 15 passenger van with a driver. They were attentive and only wanted to please us. At your recommendation we stayed the first night at the Imperial Hotel which as the name suggests was luxurious. That night again at your recommendation we enjoyed the tasting menu with wine pairing at Indian Accent which was an amazing modern Indian restaurant which we loved. Singh and the crew that evening and every night transported us to and home from dinner. The following day we went to the baby Taj and then to the most incredible sight I have ever experienced, the Taj Mahal. Singh gave us a great tour, took pictures for us, arranged for a professional photographer to take photos, and in total gave us a perfect day. We stayed at the Trident hotel which was good as we were not there to enjoy the amenities at the hotel but needed a clean a clean a decent facility. I completely agree with your recommendation to stay there over the Oberoi as we were not there to enjoy the hotel but to see the Taj Mahal. The only time we had too much “down time” was in the early afternoon before going to the Taj Mahal. Singh thought we would want to rest for an hour and one half prior to going out. Once I told him we wanted to see as much as possible and we could rest after we leave India we had the whirl wind of a time. The second night we ate at Peshawari which was okay but nothing to rave about; rather expensive and just okay. The following day we went to Jaipur which was so much more that I expected. We stayed at Samoud Havle which was a beautiful old palace. The Jaipur palace and the fort were incredible. The elephant ride to the palace which was your treat was so much fun. There was so much to see. Singh did an incredible job. As you know he is currently in a Master’s Degree program in history and we had the benefit of his incredible knowledge. The third night we enjoyed dinner Suvarna Mahal which was so good we went back to their second restaurant for dinner our fourth night.

Rachit, I felt very comfortable with you for the moment we first spoke. The itinerary you prepared for us was comprehensive and fascinating. The hotels were excellent. Except for the rooms being small and nothing special at the Trident the choices were very good. The driver, his assistant and the vehicle your provided us were great. Hand sanitizers when we got on the van and the continual supply of bottled water was very much appreciated. We were concerned about the pollution and your provided face masks. I was the only one in our group to ever use the face mask but I only used it for about an hour in the four days. Singh as I mentioned gave us his “heart and soul”. He loves India and his passion provided us a wonderful experience. Singh would explain the day ahead on our ride back from dinner and he would make certain the hotel staff provided a wake up call. Everything was taken care of for us. The experience was amazing.

Saffron Dreams is a class operation. I had very high expectations based on our conversations and high expectations are hard to meet. You, Singh and the driver along with his assistant greatly exceeded my expectations. The four of us would whole heartedly recommend you and Saffron Dreams to everyone. We had such a marvelous time that we are looking forward to returning to India at the end of March. Please make the arrangements for us in Sri Lanka (with your associates), Cochin and Mumbai.

We are exceptionally grateful for the wonderful experience that you provided us. Please feel comfortable to use me as a reference anytime. Thank you immensely.

Len and Cheryl Hammer Koordaut and Shrimo Marharaj

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Mrs. Mary O’Brien & Mr. Bret Lambert (November 2019)

What an excellent trip- we absolutely loved India! Rachit Thakkar spoke to us several times by phone and then planned an itinerary based on our interests. He contacted us by email during our trip as well to check on our experience to date. Our itinerary covered Varanasi, Agra, Ranthambore National Park where we were lucky enough to see two tigers, Jaipur – the pink city, Jodhpur – the blue city, Narlai – a place I had never heard about but one of our favorite stops and it didn’t hurt that we saw a leopard and a jackal here, and finally finishing up in Udaipur. Our hotels were amazing and we really did feel like royalty. It was wonderful to stay in such peaceful, luxurious spots after the chaos of the streets. We had some awesome additions to our trip as well. Our guide knew that we are both physicians and took us to meet a rural physician and see her office as well as get a glimpse at the hospitals and pharmacies.We also arrived in time to stop at Pushkar during our drive to Jodhpur. It is set on a lake that is a sacred Hindu site and the town hosts a yearly camel fair that is Asia’s largest. Several times we walked through smaller towns with our guide who helped us communicate with villagers and get a better understanding of their lives.

Our guide Geeta in Varanasi was excellent. We were there during Diwali and she was excellent at escorting us through the crowds of pilgrims making sure we saw all the important sites and understood their significance. She gave us an excellent introduction into Hinduism.

Dheerendra Singh was our main guide through the rest of our trip. He is clearly a very experienced guide with a wealth of knowledge about everything Indian. He is currently working on a Master’s degree in Indian History and has a wonderful way of melding past and present together. We appreciated all the extra information he told us about Indian culture and customs especially around education, marriage and family life. We would definitely recommend both of our guides without reservation.

Rajesh Yadav our driver was awesome. Just crossing the street in India can be challenging so i can’t imagine trying to drive. But Rajesh made it look easy and he clearly knew the roads. We always felt safe and comfortable. He kept the car stocked with water, snacks and tissues. He shared a little about his family and life and offered an additional and appreciate perspective on the sights we were seeing and the best places to shop.

I would recommend India to anyone who enjoys exploring other cultures and has a taste for adventure and Saffron Dreams for anyone who really want to see India AND have a truly relaxing vacation!

Mary O’Brien and Bret Lambert
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Ms. Melissa Lanoux (October 2019)

Hi Rachit

I want to thank you so much for planning my trip to India! I would recommend Saffron Dreams to anyone! I travel internationally a few times a years and this was the first time ever using a travel agent to plan my trip; I would usually book all my own hotels and itinerary. This trip I was traveling to India for work and wanted to extend my trip but I would be by myself. Being a single female traveling in India made me nervous and I wanted to book something that I felt safe and didn’t have to worry about anything! I found Saffron Dreams after searching the internet and once I talked to Rachit over the phone I knew it was the right choice! He was great at figuring out an itinerary that had everything I wanted to do in the few short days I was there. He was also very good about any changes that came up and rearranging my schedule.

Once I was in India I met up with my amazing driver Keshav, who was waiting at the airport to pick me up, and the fabulous tour guide Geeta. Keshav was great at navigating India’s crazy traffic and I always felt safe when we were in the car and trusted him. He was always on time in the morning to start the day and there to pick us up after each visit to the different museums and forts. Geeta was such a wonderful guide, she was very knowledgeable about every site and history of the places we visited. We had a lot of great conversations during the 4 days we spent together and left feeling like I was on vacation with a friend. I learned so much about India, the culture, history, and everyday life of the people. She was very good about adjusting to the pace I was on and changing the itinerary to different things I wanted to do. I only had time to visit Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi and I cannot wait to go back- there is so much to see and do there! I loved the time I spent in India and she made me fall in love with the country. Thank you for everyone involved in planning and executing my trip!

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Mr. Hunter Hassrick (May 2019)
Mr. Hassrick at the Taj Mahal


Thank you for putting together an awesome itinerary with an amazing support team of guides and drivers. Mr. Ali Abid, my tour director, was fantastic, anticipating every need throughout my journey. His knowledge of India helped put the palaces, temples and other monuments in historical context.

Gita Singh brought Varanasi alive as we traveled up and down the Ganges while she explained the deep history of the buildings, the traditions, and ceremonies we saw. The experience was totally unexpected and will stay with me forever. From the pickup at the airport in Delhi to the escort to the security line in Mumbai, the drivers were fantastic. XcfMr. Paul, or as I called him, Mr. Smooth and Easy, made driving the frenetic streets and highways of India worry free. In Mumbai, Mr. Sanjay had my door opened before I had even realized the car had stopped! What great service.

The trip to the Taj Mahal from the Oberoi was special. The Taj Mahal was expectedly stunning and as much as I read about it, seeing it did not disappoint. I loved my room at the Oberoi had a view of the glimmering Taj so I could sip on a Kingfisher while gazing at its onion-shaped dome day and night.

The cooking class Jaipur was a fun way to learn about Indian cooking. It has yet to be seen what I have learned, but I do anticipate I will try several of the recipes provided. In any case, it was an enjoyable evening with the hosts and other guests. Although it was clearly listed on the itinerary, the Stepwell dinner was totally unexpected. It was also amazing. It felt like there were 10,000 candles lit around the well as the Rajasthani folk singer rounded out the ambiance. However, I suspect there were only 1,000 candles, which is still a lot of candles to light. The food and service were superb. This was truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Thank you again and I can hardly wait to ask for your help on my next trip to India.

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Mrs. Ashley & Mr. Judah Charnoff (December 2018)

Dear Rachit,

It is a month since we returned from our Indian dream vacation and I am still dreaming about it. As this is the first time in many years that we used a travel company, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated every detail. From the moment we contacted you, your enthusiasm and passion had us anticipating our journey. From that point, you tirelessly worked to make our ideal itinerary work and you encouraged me not to forego the “Oberoi experience” in order to do so. We are so happy that we took your advice. We are very widely traveled and we have never experienced anything like the service of the Oberoi hotel chain. As soon as we requested anything, it was there. Similarly, when we asked you to try to get us an upgrade at the Agra property, that too was accommodated with great results!

As for the sights and trip itself, India is a feast for the senses! It’s hard to say what sights were the biggest highlights, but, for sure, having Ali as a guide was the reason that it was all magical. We learned so much! Varanasi was incredible from beginning to end. Seeing the Taj Majal both up close in the mist and during our High Tea from our balcony was a life changing experience. The tiger reserve was beyond belief from the incredible Oberoi tent to the safari where we experienced real nature at its fullest (and most real) as two tigers ate their kill. I am happy that we took the extra flights to see Udaipur as it has a unique feel that was so different from the other cities. Finally, our last night in Gurguan, wow, crazy hotel in a whole different India!

As I write this, I think not of my memories, but of planning my next trip. While we were anticipating our trip, my husband frequently said to me “if even half of what Rachit promises is true, we will have a great trip.” How right he was! It was all true and the trip was fabulous! Although I am an amateur travel agent, I know that the details and care of this trip were way beyond me. I learned so much about the culture and people of India. Your guidance, planning, and care throughout the trip were invaluable. This was a bucket list splurge for us and was worth every penny!
Thank you!

Ashley and Judah Charnoff

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Mistry Family (December 2018)

Trip of a Lifetime!

Words cannot describe our amazing trip to India thanks to Rachit and the team from Saffron Dreams. They helped us plan an incredible trip to the Golden Triangle! It was our first trip to India with our two teen daughters. We were initially nervous to visit, but our expectations were exceeded beyond belief!

We were very fortunate to have an amazing tour guide (Ali) and driver (Rakesh) who we connected with from the very start of the trip. They made sure that we were always comfortable and didn’t miss anything. Ali did an amazing job of making sure that we visited all of the monuments at the right times of each day.

We have made so many memories seeing all the beautiful sights and learning about the amazing history behind them! We are thankful that we were able to experience this beautiful place using this awesome tour company. We look forward to coming back soon to India and will definitely use Saffron Dreams again! Thank you so much Saffron Dreams for a trip of a lifetime!


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Mr. Bill & Mrs. Heather Higbee (December 2018)

After a long flight we are now safely back home in Maine where I send you my reflections on our fabulous trip to India.

First, you quickly grasped the type of trip we wanted and devised a plan perfectly mixing historic and cultural sites with side visits to cities and rural areas where we could meet and better understand Indian people. This was enhanced by your selection of Luke and Jay as our knowledgeable and friendly guides. The drivers, especially DP, a paragon of calm, skillfully and safely got us to our destinations amid all sorts of traffic obstacles.

Luke was a perfect match for us knowing that we wanted to see the important monuments such as the Taj Mahal, the garden where Ghandi was assassinated, the Red and Amber Forts etc. But he also took us to the langer at The Sikh temple where 10,000 were fed daily, the Saalam Baalak where we met orphans of Delhi, active temple worship sites and walking tours through the slums. We never feared for our safety. He even told the driver to stop in a rural area where we talked to two couples making bricks from clay.

Jay expertly guided us through the fascinating and overwhelming sites of Varanasi. From the boat ride down the Ganges we witnessed the incredible sight of relatives cremating the bodies of loved ones on the river banks while nearby others were bathing and laundering their clothes. Both guides made sure we safely set out to our next destination.

From Varanasi we met up with our daughter and her family at The Satpura Wildlife Park for 4days followed by a couple of days in Mumbai.

Heather and I cannot thank you enough for the detailed and expert planning for a trip of a lifetime, the memories of which we will cherish forever.

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Mrs. Natalie & Mr. Leonard Yampolsky (November 2018)

Hello Rachit,

Let me just start with stating that we both had a wonderful time! Thank you for taking care of all of our needs and desires, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Below is my review:

Thank you Rachit, Shakti and the Saffron Dreams team for making our trip to India exceptional. From the moment that we landed in the Delhi airport to the time that we left, our every need was addressed. Shakti (our tour guide) was knowledgeable, kind and patient as he guided us during our journey. The driver was skillful in navigating the busy streets of India – it’s truly an art form.

My husband and I didn’t know what to expect from a trip to India, but we left with a sense of magic. From the Taj Mahal to the forts, temples and castles – all were breathtaking. The itinerary was well planned, and the pace of the tours was just right.

The van was spacious and having WiFi the entire time was a bonus. Having a private tour allows for so much flexibility. There was one day when I felt tired so we decided go to the hotel to rest. The itinerary was pushed out a little and worked out wonderfully. We ended up seeing the Sikh temple at night, which was spectacular. Shakti was truly available 24 hours and worked with us if we wanted to step outside of our itinerary.

Thanks again to Saffron Dreams for making this a trip of a lifetime.

Len and Natalie Yampolsky

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Mrs. Pam & Mr. Paul Rolfes (November 2018)

There are not enough words to express our thanks to Rachit and Saffron Dreams for our perfectly executed three week adventure to India. From our multiple conversations, a year in advance, to our actual trip, Rachit was always available, listened to our ideas and perfectly orchestrated the entire trip.

We were assured Saffron Dreams had an excellent support system on the ground in India and this proved to be true in absolutely every place we visited. Our guide, Ali, was more than capable, extremely knowledgeable, very intuitive and listened to our every need along the way. There was nothing that surprised him and he always addressed our requests with patience and professionalism.

We also had the excellent driving abilities of our Driver (Kul) who picked us up, dropped us off, and successfully navigated the cows, goats, camels, elephants, dogs, pigs and chickens, in addition to rickshaws, motor bikes, and buses on the very crowded narrow streets. Kumar, (Kul’s assistant), helped us on and off the bus, scouted the parking situations, supplied drinks, and had hand sanitizer and wipes for us when we returned to the bus.

Rachit was in daily communication with Ali and made several phone calls to each of us during the trip to see how things were going. We have traveled extensively and have never received such sincere care and support during a trip.

In addition to seeing the usual sights in Delhi, Varanasi (our guide Geeta had interesting local insights), Agra (the Taj Mahal is as beautiful as the pictures), Jaipur (unbelievable rug and fabric shopping), Jodhpur (it’s definitely Blue), Udaipur (the Jain temple along the way was fascinating) and Ranthambore National Park (yes, we were lucky enough to see a tiger), we went off the beaten track and ventured to Manvar desert camp, Narlai and Kaziranga National Park.

In Manwar, we were greeted by an experienced guide who escorted us to our much appreciated air conditioned luxury tents. Our late afternoon escorted camel ride through the dunes to see the sunset was beautiful. The evening entertainment by local villagers was the best of the trip, as we sat on cushions and were served delicious snacks and drinks. We ended the evening with a delicious private dinner served by the staff at the pool.

The village of Narlai provided a day of relaxation at the pool and spa, in a lovely renovated castle hosted by a resident royal. The village walk was interesting as we visited three different Hindu temples and met some of the locals. Plus, we were lucky enough to spot a leopard in the hills outside the village on our jeep safari. However, the best part of our stay was the evening ox cart ride to the Stepwell dinner, which was lit with over 800 lamps. It was truly magical and an absolute must for anyone lucky enough to stay in Narlai.

We ended our three weeks at Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Although it was a trek to get there, it was well worth our efforts. Diphlu River Camp is well situated along the river and had a lovely place to gather for drinks before dinner. We saw many one horned rhinos, swamp deer, hog deer, Asian elephants, water buffalo and birds during our jeep safaris throughout the park. But the highlight of our stay was definitely the early morning elephant safari ride in search of the one horned rhinos. The experience of riding on an elephant, through the wetlands at sunrise, was one of my favorite travel experiences.

In addition to following our itinerary, Rachit and Ali added a couple of extra excursions during the trip. One was to a local rural school where the children sang Happy Birthday (my husband was celebrating his birthday) and they also recited their names and counted to 100, all in English. Ali also arranged for us to share in a Diwali celebration with a local family in Jaipur, after we expressed interest in the holiday traditions. Both of these unexpected experiences richly added to our adventure.

If you are ever dreaming of a trip India, I would highly recommend it begins with Saffron Dreams!

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Mr. Sye (November 2018)

Thank you Saffron Dreams and Rachit for organizing a wonderful and memorable tour of Jaipur. The tour was well organized. Not only did we see the major sites- City Palace, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, but we got to experience a unique cooking and dining experience. We visited the home of a local Jaipur chef and she gave us a hands-on demonstration of how to cook several Indian dishes, including goat in a coconut shell.

The tour guide was knowledgeable and engaging. He was a great storyteller in explaining the history and context of the major sites, as well as everyday life in walking around the old city.

One other highlight was the hotel- Samode Haveli. It is a former estate in the old city and a beautiful place to stay. One of the unexpected delights was watching the sunset from the hotel rooftop. The setting is stunning. Kites dance across the skyline, monkeys play on rooftops (not the hotel), and the old city blends into the new city and the mountains. The hotel even arranges drinks and kite-flying on the roof. It is worth staying at Samode Haveli just for that.

While I was only in Jaipur for two short days, I felt like I got to know the city and it’s people.

Thanks to Saffron Dreams, Rachit and the tour guide.

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Mr. Mark & Mrs. Adrienne Tillman (September – October 2018)

We have traveled to many places during the past 40 years. We generally take trips that exceed 30 days, sometimes 60 days or more. We have always traveled at a slow pace staying in places for days or weeks at a time for the purpose of learning about and understanding the local people and their culture. We have had prolonged visits in London, Rome, Bangkok, Bali, Mexico, Israel, Egypt, NYC, and other locations. Prior to the most recent trip to India we had never used an agent to help us plan or move around once we arrived at our destination.

Because Adrienne now has mobility issues that require us to have assistance, and because travel in India is in some respects more difficult than in some other places, and because we moved around Rajasthan frequently we came to the conclusion that professional travel assistance would facilitate our trip, making it easier and more enjoyable.

To begin with, we read a couple of books on travel in India such as Lonely Planet and Fodor’s. We also read the travel sections of the NYTIMES, LATIMES, and Washington Post. We then looked at dozens of travel firms on the internet. Very few travel agencies and consultants provide their service to those in wheelchairs. The few firms that work with wheelchair clients seemed to put together a tour for wheelchair bound travelers, not always, but we were not interested in the services that were offered. These firms also were among the most expensive travel operators of the 50 or so that we read about.

It was strictly by accident that I came across Saffron Dreams on the internet. We viewed their website three or four times before coming to the conclusion that this may be the best solution for us.
We sent an email to them using the “Contact” button on their website.
Rachit responded to us about two minutes later. This exchange of email led to a discussion over a period of about ten days and 70-80 email exchanges plus a couple of lengthy telephone conversations. Everything that was stated on the website in terms of planning a successful and enjoyable Indian trip was done by Rachit to the fullest extent possible. His diligence and efforts are indeed impressive and to be respected.

Other than the international airfare, which we arranged for ourselves, Saffron Dreams made all of the other arrangements for us including hotel accommodations, tour director, drivers, schlepers, itinerary, domestic air transportation, some meals, and certain activities.

Clearly the most important of the above arrangements made was that of Tour Director. Our Tour Director was Mr. “Luke” Singh. Luke is a very fine individual, who is exceedingly knowledgeable about all things Delhi and Rajasthan. He has grown up in Rajasthan (India) and continues to live there with his family. He knows literally everyone who we came in contact with, and perhaps more impressive is that everyone knew him. We are informed that he is from a royal family in Rajasthan’s history. Indeed, he is a regal person. We enjoyed his company immensely and we know that he enjoyed taking us around. As much as we enjoyed India, Luke was the highlight of the trip; he was the major attraction.

With respect to the trip, we began in Delhi where our San Francisco/Munich/Delhi itinerary began. We spent 4 days in Delhi which was at least 2 days too many, but it was our decision for the purpose of getting past the 23:50 hours of flying time and jet lag, which we needed. Compared to Rajasthan Delhi doesn’t have a lot to offer.

From Delhi we went to Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Narlai, Udaipur, and back to Delhi for our flight back to California. In each of these locations Rachit was careful in his planning to select hotels, itineraries, and sights in such a way as to easily accommodate Adrienne in a wheelchair. Those assigned to push Adrienne around literally knew every crack and bump in the street in order to avoid them. Impressive!
Incidentally, Saffron Dreams provided the wheelchair so that we didn’t have to bring one ourselves. Thoughtful and good planning.

Rachit recommended that we stay in Oberoi Hotels, which we did in most locations. Where that was not possible we stayed in Taj Hotels. When we travel we try to stay in the best hotels where ever we are, and these properties met our requirements very well.

In Varanasi we stayed at the Taj Gateway Hotel. While not actually considered to be a top property by some, it is clearly a top notch hotel. The rooms are spacious, very well appointed, and the bathrooms are very large and well laid out. The best bathrooms we had. The food is excellent. The public rooms are beautiful. The hotel is an oasis in a sea of confusion. Varanasi is where the devout Hindus come to bathe in the Ganges River and conduct certain religious activities. It is a city not to be missed.

In Agra staying at the Oberoi we had a suite that faced directly at the Taj Mahal. It doesn’t get any more impressive than this view does. The hotel is exceedingly beautiful. The city it interesting, but the Taj Mahal is what one wants to spend almost every moment in Agra looking at. It is stunning and impressive.

In Jaipur staying at the Oberoi we had a suite that was a large elaborate tent. It may have been the most interesting hotel room we have ever stayed in. As was the case in Agra Adrienne wanted to visit fabric manufactures and shops. In every location Luke knew the best places in terms of most interesting, best quality, and best prices. She purchased a lot of silk, and silk and wool fabric in each city we were in.

In Jodhpur, we stayed at the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel, which many travel authorities cite as the best hotel in the world. It is impressive as hell! It was and still is the home to the Maharaja of Jodhpur. I suggest that one view the video on Youtube of this property; there are a number of different ones available. There is also a program on Jodhpur on cable station AWE that covers this property very well. We also toured the fort on the other side of the city, and went to more fabric stores.

Going to Ranthambore National Park didn’t fit well into our itinerary so Rachit included a brief stopover in Narlia, which is an area where wild leopards are known to hang out. We stayed in a very cute small hotel, with very good food, especially dinners. However, our efforts to find leopards were unsuccessful despite the fact that our guides worked very diligently to find them. Leopards simply don’t care about people unless they are hungry. No fabric stores in Narlia. No leopards either.

Our next to the last stop was in the city of Udaipur. This city is very lovely city. The Oberoi here is so beautiful and exotic that it is almost beyond description. View the video. Also view the video of the Oberoi Agra. This city is known for its numerous lakes. It is also well known for the Hollywood movies shot there, including 007 Octopussy, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
We went to Octopussy’s palace in the middle of Lake Pichola, but she wasn’t home that day; very disappointing. We did go to more fabric shops though. DAH!
After a few days in Udaipur went back to Delhi. Actually spent a day resting all day in the Oberoi. Had another day and 3/4 until our 0115 hrs. Flight to Zurich and then to SFO. We had plenty of time to go to more fabric stores and to our embassy to kikbbitz with some friends.

Leave more than plenty of time to get thru the bureaucracy of Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. They have even more stuff to go thru than in a US Airport. Budget 4 hours prior to departure. We got there six hours prior to departure and we needed 2.5 hours to get thru all the stuff just to get into the first class lounge. It was a big hassle. I almost had to raise my voice a couple of times.

This trip was conducted as planned. Everything promised was delivered. There were no problems whatsoever. A trip such as this one could well be the trip of a lifetime. In case anyone asks what is the deal with fabric stores, the answer is that the selection of silks and silk blends exceeds that of anywhere else on earth, and the prices are about 10-15% of the prices found at BRITEX in San Francisco or Mood Fabrics in NYC.

This program was the success that it was due to the careful planning by Saffron Dreams
And excellent execution by Mr. Singh.

Thank you for a great time.


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Mrs. Cindy Gazecki and Mr. John Gazecki (September 2018)

We were referred to Saffron Dreams by a friend who had used them and raved about Rachit Thakkar. Saffron Dreams was everything she said – and more. Rachit listened carefully to what we wanted out of the trip to Bhutan and India and came up with a perfect itinerary for us.

He was proactive, informative, and very timely in all of his responses. He obviously cared deeply about our experience, checking in frequently with us and the guide.

Our guides in India were outstanding: Mr. Subhamay Banerjee and Ms, Geeta Singh. The two drivers were excellent – which is very important given the driving conditions in Bhutan and India. When there was a problem he fixed it quickly.

In summary, we would highly (and we already have to friends and family) recommend Saffron Dreams to plan and facilitate your trip of a lifetime to incredible India and Bhutan! We are very experienced travelers and would rate this trip as one of our best!

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Ms. Susan Sims & Mr. Mark Aldenderfer (September 2018)

Rachit exceeded our expectations with his creation of a custom itinerary for our trip to Agra and Delhi which included all of the places we wanted to visit, and also included some wonderful extras. During the entire planning process he was responsive to our questions and provided valuable suggestions for maximizing our time in India.

Our guide Singh was excellent and our driver Pal’s skills at the wheel were perfect for navigating the crowded, traffic packed streets in both cities.

Seeing the Taj Mahal was a bucket list experience for us, but the visit to “off the beaten path” places like the Elephant Sanctuary were memorable highlights of what was an exceptional experience. If you are looking for a well thought out experience of India which includes all of the details then I would highly recommend Rachit and Saffron Dreams.

An additional highlight for us was having the pleasure of meeting Rachit and his lovely wife Urmi, while we were traveling in Bhutan before we went to India.

Thanks again,
Susan and Mark

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Selig-Aimonetti Family (September 2018)

Saffron Dreams (especially Rachit) planned an exceptional trip for our family to India. His attention to detail and true care for his clients really shows from start to finish. We were initially met by our guide, Ali, who stayed with us for the next five cities and was consistently cheerful, polite and knowledgable of the cities and historical sites. The driver, assistant and other staff were also exceptional. 

When we added another person to our itinerary and decided to extend our trip to the Maldives, Rachit was on top of it and made sure everything was planned accordingly. All together, it was a five star trip. We will definitely recommend Saffron Dreams to friends and family in the future. 

Thank you again for a memorable experience,

The Aimonetti Family

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Ron Niksar (July 2018)

Rachit did an amazing job right from our first call in trying to accommodate all my personal requests.

He first listened very carefully with patience to all my unique preferences. Listened very carefully to all my thoughts about how I wish things to roll and came up with a creative itinerary that was right on in terms of my personality, dates, flights, level of hotels and choosing the right guide for me – Geeta.

My private guide, was a very likable, pleasant and educated lady. She filled me in on all the insights you just cannot get by reading books or travel guides. We had long interesting discussions on the many aspects of History, religion and culture of the areas we traveled to.

Everything came together wonderfully in India thanks to Saffron Dreams The service Rachit offers is like no other I have experienced!

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The Pringle Family (July 2018)

Hi Rachit,

We finally made it back from our around the world adventure and wanted to take a minute to thank you for putting together a wonderful trip to India. From the beginning of the planning stages all the way through our departure from India, your staff was exceptional. Your ability to make our trip to India work around the rest of our travel plans was awesome. Your knowledge and attention to detail was impressive. Upon our arrival at the New Delhi airport at 4:30 am we were met by one of your cheerful guides. He was very knowledgeable and was very accommodating to our family’s requests throughout our trip. He always made sure we were well taken care of, whether at our accommodations or out sightseeing. The transportation was very clean, cold a/c, well kept, and your driver made us feel safe.

Thank you for a wonderful trip,
The Pringles.

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Ms. Amanda Darvill & Family (March – April 2018)

I have traveled quite a lot, but I feel as if I had not truly seen the world until we visited India. The tour was personalized and flexible with every single detail covered from hotel check-in, perfectly timed pick-ups at each location and special touches along the way to delight myself and my daughter. I would not have done it any other way. My daughter and I take an annual trip together. This was our longest journey and we felt so taken care of traveling in India on our own. We enjoyed every sight, loved the food and enjoyed the company of our guide and driver so much it seemed like we were traveling with family. In addition to the top sights in the tour, we also worked in a visit to an orphanage and a small village to visit their school that were so wonderful to experience and open up my daughter’s eyes even more to the world around us. What an amazing and transformative travel experience. We’re going back in a few years and I wouldn’t work with anyone else to organize our next trip to India.

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Mrs. Noreen Wohlgemuth & Mr. Stephen Wohlgemuth (April 2018)

Hi Rachit,

It was such a happy accident that I found you when searching the internet for tours of India to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with a visit to the Taj Mahal.

My husband and I were completely blown away by our tour of the Golden Triangle. From beginning to end, it exceeded our expectations.

I have traveled extensively on all different types of tours and yours was the best ever.

Our guide and driver, took excellent care of us and we felt like we were traveling with friends. They were always on time and the guide’s knowledge and assistance at all the sites was excellent. I highly recommend both of them. We cannot think of anything that was not above par. Thank you so much for fulfilling a lifelong dream so completely.

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Mr. Barry & Mrs. Nancy Wallman (March 2018)

We recently got back from a fantastic adventure to India. Saffron Dreams helped us set up a customized itinerary that exceeded our expectations. Everything was excellent from the moment we arrived at Delhi Airport, to when we were dropped off at the end. Our guide and driver were superb…

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Mr. & Mrs. Faust and Mr. & Mrs. Nelson (March 2018)
Mr. & Mrs. Faust and Mr. & Mrs. Nelson (March 2018)

Dear Rachit,

Just returned home today. India was amazing, thanks in part to your detailed planning. The accommodations at the maidens and trident were perfect and just what we needed after a long day of sightseeing. Our guide was superb. His English was easy to understand and he anticipated our every need. The driver was also good because we avoided getting into any accidents. The drivers are aggressive when they want to be. The itinerary was varied and the visit to the presidential palace was definitely a highlight. All of the contacts were there to meet us at the airports and transport us to our hotels, next flight, or ship.

Thank you for all your work and coordinating to make our trip memorable. We would recommend you without hesitation to anyone considering a trip to India. Having your own guide in India is definitely the way to go even for the more experienced travelers. Thank you again for your service.

James Faust

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Mrs. Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom & Mr. Miguel Herrera LindstromFebruary 2018

Exceptional! The trip of a lifetime!

We went to India invited to a wedding. We decided to take the opportunity to visit India. Now, in general when I plan trips, I do all my bookings for lodging and sightseeing on my own. I usually don’t like the “you leave at this time, you have 5 minutes here, back on the bus, another 10 min there, etc.” tour schedules. But India is such a different place that we thought it was probably best to do a tour. After some searching, I came across Saffron Dreams and decided to include them in the short list of companies to inquire about sightseeing in India. And I was blown away by their customer service from the first interaction with Rachit. He reached out over the phone to understand what we were looking for and what we wanted to do. While they have already packaged tours, the whole point of what they do is customize all of it to your taste and wishes. From that first interaction, their customer service blew everyone else’s out of the water. Based on his suggestions, we ended up visiting Dehli, Agra, Chhatra Sagar (we HIGHLY recommend you consider staying here), Jaipur, Jodhpur and Varanasi.

Chhatra Sagar and Varanasi were recommendations from Rachit. And we are so glad he did!! Chhatra Sagar is an oasis of luxury in the middle of the countryside. No honking, no crowds. Simply exceptional service in very unconventional accommodations with breathtaking views. Varanasi is the oldest city in India and the holiest for Hindus. It is a must see, there is such energy in this place. Viewing the the city from the river at sunrise is a must do, unique experience.

Because you get your own tour director and chauffer, the experience is completely tailored. Yes, there are times to meet, but they are not set in stone. Do you want to stay 5 more minutes? No problem. Do you want to take a picture of that camel? They will turn around and stop to make sure you can take the picture. Or better yet, they will tell you that there is a better place to take that picture and take you there. Both of them were so knowledgeable, caring and a complete delight. They were always on time. The chauffer had the car so clean you could eat off the floor. Spotless!

While India is a magical place in and of itself, our experience there was exceptional and I attribute that to Saffron Dreams and their attention to detail and exceptional customer service. Everyone was checking on us on a regular basis to make sure everything was going according to plan, from Rachit in the US, to Mr Gupta, Manager in India, who constantly told us who was picking us up, their phone number and checking that they actually did. And that we had reached our destination as planned. And tour director and chauffeur who were always looking to whether we were satisfied, we wanted to do something else, they were so attentive to making sure we were enjoying ourselves. And they took the time to not only share the historical information about India and the places we visited, but made sure to share with us facts about culture, religion, beliefs and way of life to help us have a better understanding of India and their people.

We are missing India already and look forward to going back, and no doubt it will be with Saffron Dreams. I can’t say enough about all they did for us to make our India trip the trip of a lifetime. THANK YOU!!

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Ms. Janice & Ms. Amy Lentz (January 2018)

If a trip to India is in your future, call Saffron Dreams. My daughter and I just returned from a 2 week “trip of a lifetime!” We wanted to visit a friend in Bangaluru for a few days and then tour the Golden Triangle and Varanasi. Rachit worked out all the details for us to fly to Delhi and start the tour. The entire trip worked like clockwork with guides and drivers meeting us at each step and helping to make all the connections. We rode planes, train, cars, rickshaw and elephant and got a very personal and educational tour of India.

All the guides and drivers were courteous, protective, knowledgeable, and just great guys. The main guide for most of our trip, was a wealth of information as well as the most patient, kind and caring person with a passion for sharing about his country. He learned our eating habits so well that by the end of the trip, he could tell us exactly what we would like in the restaurants. His gentle, calm nature helped to steady us in an environment very different from what we were used to. We appreciated the personal care and dedication he took in ensuring that we got the most our of our trip to India.

We stayed in top notch hotels with food for breakfasts and dinners. We ate lunch on the road each day at nice restaurants that the guides had inspected and knew had quality food and good variety.

Rachit stayed in constant contact through phone and emails before we left the states so that we had all the details, and he even called our hotel in India one night to make sure everything was going well.

I have gone on many group tours around the world, but this personal experience is the way to see India! I cannot say enough good things about this trip and this company. It was a GREAT value for the money.

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Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Joyce Backman (January 2018)

My husband and I took our empty nest dream vacation to India. The planning started with Rachit and his fabulous website honing in on what we wanted to see in our short 8 days in India. The tour guides and drivers were amazing. Sometimes they backed off and let us wander parts of sites on our own, after a pre-introduction, and sometimes they walked with us. The guides were kind and knowledgeable and always willing to adjust our itinerary based on what we were in the mood for. We did the middle hotel package and the loved all hotels except the Radisson in Varanasi which was adequate but a disappointment after the other hotels, like the Maidens in New Delhi. We are already planning a return trip and will definitely use Saffron Dreams again. On a final note, our return flight to the States was cancelled due to weather, and Rachit immediately arranged for another night in our hotel and for our favorite guide and driver to travel back to New Delhi, even though they were hours away, for another fantastic day in India.

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Jorge Fernandez & Family (December 2017 – January 2018)
  Dear Rachit, On behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for your outstanding efforts in planning an unforgettable trip. Every aspect of our trip, from the selection of the cities, the monument hoping, and the immersion into Indian culture was carefully thought out and well integrated. The level of service, luxury and comfort we experienced made this exotic trip all the more memorable. The built in flexibility of our itinerary was a nice touch. Our large travel party of 12, including people of different ages, backgrounds, and professions all had their own unique impression of India, while still being able to enjoy each other’s company. Our Journey began in New Delhi, we then visited the astonishing sacred Hindu capital of Varanasi (a must see!). Our third stop Agra where we visited the romantic Taj Mahal. The Pink city of Jaipur and the beautiful city on a lake, Udaipur came next. Our last stop was the colonial, yet bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Our guide was wise, thoughtful and all around just a great guy. He spoke perfect English, and Spanish, allowing all those on the trip to learn about India’s culture, history and customs. Saffron Dreams, provided us with an incredible opportunity to experience India. None of this would have been possible without Rachit’s help & patience. He walked us thru every step, through booking, the visa application, useful travel tips, he even stayed up all night on the phone with us in the middle of a mini passport crisis. I can confidently say that this was the first of many trips to India and having a company that is reliable and great at what is does makes it all the more worthwhile. Thanks, Jorge Fernandez
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Mrs. Tina Patel & Family (December 2017 )

We took our family to tour the Golden Triangle in North India December 2017. We booked with Saffron Dreams and had the best experience with booking, follow-ups and execution of the tour. Top notch tour company that checks on each and every detail and then again rechecks it.

Very professional appearance by Tour Director & Drivers – Drivers were always dressed in uniform with name tag. Drivers were so good and we always felt safe and never scared. Tour Director was very knowledge and always answered our…

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Mr. Stephan Bornstein & Ms. Margot Dockrell (November 2017)

Rachit, we’re back in the US and I’m writing to report on our eye-opening tour of the Golden Triangle.

First off, let me say that both of our guides — Abid I and Abid II — were terrifically well-informed, extremely sweet and very protective of Margot and me. We felt totally comfortable in their care, just as we did with our remarkably skillful drivers.

Delhi is the perfect introduction to India, if for no other reason than its traffic. The Imperial is also an ideal place to appreciate the British influence on Delhi’s development, and Daniell’s provided us with one of our best meals. Seeing all the British architecture in New Delhi was interesting, but the most fun for me was our rickshaw ride through Chandni Chowk. I’ve walked lots of old city markets in other countries, but navigating Delhi’s with my wife on a three-wheeler was totally exhilarating.

We loved shopping at the textile emporium in Jodhpur and were pleasantly stunned by our trumpet reception at Umaid Bhawan Palace, a lovely place to lunch and experience maharajan luxury.

For me, the highlight of our trip was Chhatra Sagar whose setting and accommodations were beyond delightful and whose farm, village and nature tours gave us a real insight into north Indian rural life.

Though its pink facades and endless shops were impressive, and the elephant ride to Amber Fort a kick, what I’ll remember most about Jaipur is the Samode Haveli and Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory. Samode provided us with the most interesting room and best dinners on our trip.

I found the stepwell at Chand Baori to be the most unexpected and astounding structure we saw on the entire trip. It outstripped even the Taj Mahal which, though a must-see in India, required a three-hour wait and then pretty much looked like its photos. Our viewing may have been compromised by a gray day in Agra. Unfortunately, Agra was also the one lodging mistake I made in selecting the ITC Mughal (which is still a Sheraton). Abid told me afterward that there’s really no heritage or charming hotel anywhere in the city.

Unsurprisingly, our accelerated tour of Varanasi (night and day) was fascinating as were the lucid explanations of Hindu and Buddhist thought and rituals imparted to us by Abid II. Our room at the Brijrama overlooking the Ganges was perfect as was our vegetarian meal in its dining room. I also particularly enjoyed our tour of the campus of Banaras Hindu University, the Mother India Temple and the stupa to Buddha at Sarnath.

I am copying Margot who may wish to add her thoughts on our trip in a separate email, but we both want you to know that, thanks to Abid, we learned how to wiggle our heads and do so now in thanks to you for designing and arranging for us such a memorable trip to India.



Dear Rachit,

Stephen captured all the high points pretty thoroughly in his letter, but I do want to add my thoughts as well.

I wasn’t aware that Stephen felt this way until I read his letter to you, but I put the step well right at the top of the list of wonderful sights seen, although I loved the Taj Mahal. For all the photos one has seen, none of them really do it justice and I found it quite moving. I too loved everything about Chatra Sagar; those tents are truly divine and the proprietors so warm and interesting. The most wonderful hotel in the end though was the Samode Haveli, the food was heavenly and I loved the mismatched rickety furniture in our many columned room as well as the confusing and serpentine route to it!

Even though we were pretty much shopped out by the time we got to Varanasi, the silk weaving demonstration was fascinating. I used to work in the textile field, and although I’d seen the cards and looms, I’d never seen brocade actually being woven and it all came together for me. And naturally, we bought a beautiful wall hanging there.

Thank you for arranging such a terrific introduction to your spectacular homeland. I will never see the world the same way again.


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Vikas Sharma & Family (December 2017)


We are now back in Toronto after a wonderful three week trip to India. I want to thank you and your team for organizing such a great trip and allowing us to completely focus on the sights and sounds of India and not on any of the logistics of getting around. This was the first trip back to India in 20 years for my wife and I and the first time ever for our four children.

From the time we landed in Delhi to the our departure from Mumbai, we felt very well taken care of. Our tour director Mr. Abid Ali was outstanding. He has incredible knowledge of the history and culture of India and was able to answer our kids’ never ending list of questions. He even started teaching them to read the Hindi signs.

We enjoyed our days in Delhi, particularly a rickshaw ride through Chandni Chowk and visiting Qutb Minar. Our next stop in Varanasi was fascinating, with the evening aarti ceremony being a notable highlight. And cruising down the Ganges the next day at sunrise was particularly spiritual.

Khajuraho was our next stop and may well have been our favorite. It is a small, uncrowded town which provided a welcome respite from the intensity of Delhi and Varanasi. The main temple complex is fascinating and the local guide you provided was exceptional at explaining its history and significance. The Lalit was also great hotel with beautiful gardens.

My kids will never forget taking the train to Agra. Waiting on the platform at Jhansi provided a very revealing look at another side of India. And what can we say about Agra! The Taj Mahal lived up to its reputation. But I must commend Mr. Ali, for getting us up before sunrise so that we could arrive at the Taj Mahal and be one the first visitors of the day. Entering at this time, before the crowds, is the best way to visit.

Travelling from Agra to Jaipur, Mr Ali took us on a unexpected detour to the Chand Baori step well. This was my son’s favorite place in all of India. In Jaipur, we loved the elephant ride to Amber Fort and the Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory. When my wife made mention of wanting to do some shopping, Mr. Ali arranged to have us visit a bustling market, favored by locals and that was not a tourist trap.

Our trip also included an extension to the eastern state of Orissa, to visit the Jaganath temple in Puri and the Sun Temple of Konark. Not many foreign tourists visit these sites but they were worth making the effort. And our hotel (Mayfair Lagoon) was the best on our entire trip. The rooms are huge and the gardens spread out over several acres and include a temple overlooking the lagoon.

We ended out trip in Mumbai, which is an incredible, cosmopolitan city. Our schedule here was less structured but the driver and private van we had allowed us to explore different parts of the city at our own pace.

Rachit, your team was exceptional. The hotel choices (primarily ITC) were all very comfortable. And the one time we had a minor issue (in Agra), your local team came directly to the hotel and sorted it out with the hotel management in a way that was more than adequate for us. Your arrangements for all of our transportation, be it by private van, train, or airplane were handled perfectly. This was a trip that we will never forget.

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The Thomas and John Families – Golden Triangle Tour (July-Aug 2017)

Our two families worked with Saffron Dreams and Mr. Rachit to schedule a long anticipated trip to tour India. Rachit worked well between our two families living in different parts of the United States to coordinate this trip and all that it would entail. Now that we are back home full of memories, we can truly say that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We definitely enjoyed having our own tour director and our own transportation coordinator/driver, both of whom were so pleasant, knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs.

Our hotels were wonderful, we felt special at the hotels! While touring we greatly appreciated the flexibility to adjust the days schedule and include some local shopping, we even took in a movie. The restaurants we ate while touring were wonderful for the variety and standards of service. We enjoyed visiting the hand-made marble store were we watched hand-made techniques used to build the Taj Mahal.

Our stay at Oberoi groups Trident hotels gave us excellent service and amenities. When Rachit mentioned that we would enjoy our stay at these Oberoi group hotels, he was not kidding; the service was excellent, we were so well taken-care.

The vehicle available for our travel was a brand new series by Toyota which made for excellent ride and comfort and plenty of space for our two families and luggage.

When we plan our next tour for another part of India, we will book with Mr. Rachit and his team at Saffron Dreams. We gladly recommend booking an India tour through Saffron Dreams.

Sincerely, The Thomas and John Families
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Ms. Jennifer Diaz & Ms. Zoila Campos (June 2017)

PHENOMENAL! This trip from beginning to end was just extremely incredible!

The details from when we arrived to our departure, was extremely well put together and simply perfect. Our tour guide, was beyond nice, friendly and well-knowledgeable in every site that we had scheduled to visit. Our driver was also so patient and punctual for all of our tours scheduled throughout the day. At first, we were taken back by so much of the culture, the amount of people, the livelihood of India altogether and it was nothing as I had imagined in mind. It exceeded my expectations to the 1000% power. All the sites were so beautiful and it was definitely a spiritual getaway that I would recommend everyone to go and visit! My mom and I were hesitant and a bit worried about the food we were going to try as we had never tried any Indian food back at home, and I must say, I completely LOVED it, specially the Chole Bature (so delicious!) The guide also mentioned that because we stand out, we may get approached by locals to take pictures, which happened and it was so funny and awesome. Altogether, we felt extremely safe throughout the entire trip as it can be a shock to someone who may travel alone and is worried of safety in general.

I must say that Jaipur was by far my favorite city! The Big Pink City was beautiful and so alive! Not that the rest weren’t, but that was definitely my favorite one. I have to also add, the Taj Mahal, one word: BREATHTAKING! I have never had such an amazing Monday as I did that morning seeing the beautiful wonder of the world. I understand now why it’s beauty has been visited by so many all over the world!

Overall, India has been one of the most unique, incredible and spiritual experience I have ever been on. It felt strange coming back to The States and I started getting a bit comfortable with their way of living. I would extremely recommend everyone to visit India. I do plan on making a return back in the near future and hopefully sooner than later. The energy I brought back from India is indescribable!

Thank you so much Rachit! We really and truly appreciate everything you did for us and ensuring our Trip was a once in a lifetime experience!


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Mr. John & Mrs. Gerarda Persad (April 2017)

WOW, what a 19 Night Tour of India… We are Retired US Military Officers, living in Miami, and the precision, attention to detail, professionalism, flexibility, caring, and accuracy of the entire vacation and staff were beyond reproach. They exceeded our expectations. Our Accompanying Tour Director was very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and a history buff. We did 10 cities, and Rachit tailored the trip to our specific demands, from air travel, to hotel choices, and private transportation. It was refreshing to actually have a tour catered to us.

Book your trip without any worries…and I will be willing to speak to any prospective guest about our trip. We will not do our other South India Trip without them.

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Shannon F. (December 2016)

India has been on our list of desired destinations for a very long time! We are lucky people, having visited many parts of the world, and have used a variety of travel agents and tour companies. Our tour of the highlights of Northern India with Saffron Dreams eclipsed our expectations, starting with the personalized planning and incredibly prompt responses to all our questions and concerns by Rachit Thakkar.

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Mrs. Evisabel Fabrega & Mr. Elie Fakie (Feb 2017)

The trip was perfect for us. It was flawless and this was in part thanks to the tour guide you had chosen. He was knowledgeable, patient, and accommodating. I think I would had prefer a couple of days more to explore but I enjoyed every minute of our trip.

Definitely, the way to visit India is through a private tour.

Your attention to details made my trip more enjoyable and really appreciated that you were always checking on us.

Thanks again

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Margaret Jordan & Family (December 2016)

We had a lifelong dream of traveling to India, although we knew it would be a challenging trip due to limitations in my walking (multiple sclerosis). Rachit Thakker of Saffron Dreams worked with us to set up the India experience of our dreams, while working within our budget. He helped us to develop a customized itinerary that covered all of the “must see” places like the Taj Mahal, but also included travel through small villages and to sacred sites such as Varanasi. The guides he selected were not only experts on history and culture, they were excellent problem-solvers—even helping us to overcome the hazards of the recent rupee crisis and finding a replacement for a damaged camera battery charger.

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Dr. Adeni & Family

This was a trip we as a family had been planning for over 5 years and given the constraints that 5 adults have regarding their schedules, we were extremely thrilled that it went off as well as it did. If anything, we wished we all had more time to see this fascinating part of India. Perhaps we will indeed return another time to finish what we started. I think I speak for all my family members when I say that this was possibly the best arranged and fascinating trip we have taken as a family (and we are very widely travelled). I look forward to using their services when we return to India in the future and would strongly recommend Saffron dreams to all concerned.

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Mr. Deryk & Mrs. Stacey David (April 2017)

My wife and I are back from our trip to India that you helped facilitate and co-ordinate. We had a wonderful experience and your staff in India were superb at their job. Please communicate our sincerest thanks for the great care and attention to detail. The Oberoi accommodations were fantastic and the service extra-ordinary. The company through which you arranged the car in Mumbai were also terrific and they also made sure that we were appropriately escorted to the Lufthansa check-in for our departure.

All in all as promised, a truly wonderful experience. Thanks.

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Vijay & Marie Goradia
We used Saffron Dreams for our trip to the Maldives and Sri Lanka and cannot sing enough praises. Rachit took a lot of time understanding our tastes, our preferences and our needs. He crafted an initial itinerary and ran it by us. We requested changes and he patiently accommodated us every step of the way. What was also different with Rachit was that at times, he made himself available even after working hours. He made very valuable suggestions to make our trip more pleasurable. At one hotel in Sri Lanka, there were heavy rains and there was news of flooding around the hotel. We called him late in the night and he promptly arranged for us to get transferred to another hotel on higher ground. At the resort in the Maldives and at the hotels in Sri Lanka, he arranged for something special in our bedroom every night. One night it was rose petals on the bed, another night it was a scroll with a romantic poem! I have traveled to 97 countries and used several high end companies. Saffron is up there with the best and at times even better than the best. He has now finalized a trip for us to Myanmar and we are eagerly looking forward to it. – Vijay Goradia
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Dr. Mona Kapadia

Hi Rachit,

We really enjoyed the trip to India.

The Jaipur-Agra portion of the trip was really nice. Jaipur was very beautiful. Mr. Ali was extremely knowledgeable on history. We did not expect to learn so much fascinating history, & were really happy to find out so information to go along with seeing the sights. My husband especially enjoyed hearing the history.

Our favorite day was the day we spent in Jaipur. All in one day, we saw the City Palace, went to a rug/textile shop where we got to see the process by which they make they make rugs (and we purchased a rug), got mehndi done on my and my daughters’ hands, & rode camels!

We had an issue with the Trident in Jaipur in which mosquitoes kept coming into our room through one of the vents for the first day and a half. The management did apologize and have us a free dinner to compensate for this.

The Trident in Agra was superb.

The tour itinerary was very busy. We did have to ask to omit a couple of things and not start as early some days due to the kids being very tired.

You can share my opinion with other clients.

I would not hesitate to refer a friend or family member to Saffron Dreams for an Indian vacation

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Sheetal Nasta
A huge thanks to our India tour agent Rachit Thakkar and the whole team at Saffron Dreams for a wonderful, memorable experience in India! We had a group of 5, including 3 kids and lots of different interests to please. We wanted a mix of history and adventure, relaxation and activity. I have to say your knowledge of India and the time you took to build our itinerary, down to the smallest detail, really made it the perfect trip! It was tailor-made for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved that we could experience the history and scenery of the Merangarh Fort in Jodhpur but then end the day with ziplining at the fort with a view of the “blue city” and a sunset camel ride in the rural country nearby. The art class in Jodhpur was a favorite with all of us, since we had a few amateur artists in the group. And, the elephant ride up to Amer Fort in Jaipur made us feel like true royalty.
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Amanda MacDonald

Hi Rachit,

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging my Agra tour. It was a great day. Both the tour guide and driver were fantastic, they both went out of their way to accommodate requests! I learned a ton, felt completely safe and definitely checked off the Taj Mahal from my bucket list! It was definitely one of the best tours I’ve taking anywhere I’ve travelled.

Many thanks,

Amanda MacDonald
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Meagan Relle

Our trip was wonderful. Your tour guides and drivers took great care of us. I am sending your info to several friends who will be traveling to India in the next year or two. I highly recommended And will continue to recommend your company. If you would like me to answer specific questions of yours or clients’ please let me know I’d be happy to help.

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Andrea Lee

The service provided by Rachit and Saffron Dream was thorough, smart and very prompt. I have rarely felt more comfortable in entrusting my complex travel itinerary to them, particularly when in need of creative problem solving. In a world where pushy sales tactics are commonplace, Saffron Dream was caring, professional and respectful and has earned my intention to book travel with them at every opportunity, and spread the word to friends and colleagues.

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Gail Breiterman

I will share my feelings with you about my trip to India but I want to preface it with you knowing that my intention was to see and experience India, the positive and the negative, and I think that happened. I am a spiritual junkie and from the moment I stepped into the car in Delhi I knew for certain that I was brought to India by our creator for many reasons. I also want to say that two people can be looking at a glass of water and see different things, what is seen depends on the coloring of the lenses we wear.

The tour guides, YK Khan, Muluk and Subhalakshmi were all very good, but I spent the most time with Yusuf and we developed a rapport and it made the trip very pleasant. The driver with Yusuf was Raj Singh, he is a great driver, a gentlemen, and went above and beyond at all times to make sure my needs were being met.

I traveled to India solo but I experienced and enjoyed the many sites in Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and other cities, escorted by a very knowledgeable tour guide who pointed things out and explained what I would have missed had I been without them. Once I had figured out where I wanted to go all the details were arranged and I just had to show up, it was that easy, and it turned out to be the best trip I have ever taken.

The hotels were all very good. My favorite was the Gateway hotel Ganges in Varanasi. The general manager of the Maidens hotel, Puneet Narula, wrote me an email to thank me after I filled out an online survey, their concern for customer service is obvious. As a westerner I really appreciate a modern bathroom with plenty of towels and hot water and the Fateh Bagh in Ranakpur doesn’t quite meet my standard in that way but how many times will a girl get to sleep in an old palace??? I give them a pass on it.

I was able to see and experience so much which I never could get from reading a book, seeing a movie or hearing someone describe it, I needed to see it for myself.

I hope to return to India again one day to see new places, and if I do I would ask you to set it up for me. Having your help was invaluable to me and I would be happy to refer to you any of my friends wishing to make the journey.

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Barri Rind

I want to thank you for planning such an amazing itinerary for me and Dan. India lived up to my expectations and beyond. It is such a rich country in history, culture, cuisine and an amazing human tapestry.

Overall I would rate the trip as a 10 out of 10.

The quality of the hotels, guides, drivers, the personal attention to details and the prompt reply when we needed something was truly first class.

I especially want to thank YOU Rachit. You were absolutely fantastic. From the first time I called you, till the day before I left, you made sure that I get the best trip possible to India. You have answered every question and filled any request in a speedy matter and with the best results. Your deep knowledge of India, your excellent customer service and your natural enthusiasm and charismatic personality certainly made it fun for me to plan this trip and work with you with zero stress on my part. You were organized, hard working and you made it all seem so easy. My friends who have been to India were amazed at the trip you have planned for us. The important thing is that you understood very well what my interests and desires were and have tailored it to fit my needs and beyond.

I’m a seasoned traveler and have been all over the world and your service and knowledge are on the top of my list of excellence. We never had any issues in India and when we have requested something it was taken care of without hesitation and to our full satisfaction.

You were very thorough and professional and it was obvious that your main goal from beginning to end was to ensure that we get the best service and the best trip ever. It was really a pleasure to work with someone like you who is so conscientious and intuitive to his clients needs. You truly understood what kind of a tourist I am and what kind of a tour would appeal to me. You booked an excellent itinerary for us with excellent hotels and guides for such an amazing price.

I can truly say that I’ve learned a lot about India and have enjoyed it tremendously and you Rachit have made it possible.

Thank you again for such excellent service and for providing us with the trip of a life time of many amazing memories.

I will recommend you to all my friends and of course will call you back with any future tours.

Hope you had a nice holiday. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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Ms. Tara Boulos & Mrs. Sherri Boulos

Based on our wishes and needs, Saffron Dreams tailored a great and complete tour of northern India. During the planning stage of our trip, its staff (especially Rachit Thakkar) offered us multiple options with respect to sites, cities, and hotels. During the actual trip, my mother and I enjoyed having our own tour guide and chauffeur to guide us around and teach us about Indian culture and history. We appreciated having the same tour guide and chauffeur during our entire trip as they targeted the trip around what we wanted to see, learn, and buy. They made sure we were comfortable and our expectations were being met at each city. It also created a personal touch as they taught us how Indian history and culture impacts their everyday lives. Overall, we enjoyed our Saffron Dreams experience from start to finish and will use them again on future trips to India.

With respect to the hotels, the Oberoi and Taj chains had impeccable service and their grounds were beautiful. If you want to have your every need predicted and it’s within your price range, these chains will ensure you have a memorable stay during your trip.

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Sagar & Annu Naik

We had a phenomenal trip to India, thanks to Saffron Dreams. We went with 2 other couples, for one of them it was the first time visiting India. We had the most comfortable, well planned and organized trip. Drivers and guides were always on time and waited on us. They were excellent, courteous, very helpful and could not have asked for more. Every minute detail was taken care of by Saffron Dreams team. We got the best service at every hotel we went to and every restaurant we ate at. Rachit from Saffron Dreams called several times to check if all was well. We covered a lot in 2 weeks. I don’t think anyone can surpass the service we received. We will be highly recommending Saffron Dreams India tours to all our friends. Travel was so much easier with many comforts and meticulous planning.

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