Calmness takes over every person who steps into the Golden Temple compound in Amritsar. You don’t need to be religious to enjoy the peace, to take a dip in the holy waters, or to eat a free meal (langar) along with hundreds of others. The melodious Punjabi hymns, called kirtan, are sung all day at the Golden Temple and are a pleasure to listen to.

Spare a few minute to walks around Jallianwalabagh next to the temple. This garden commemorates the tragic massacre of families that took place in 1919. Bullet holes can still be seen and several plaques re-tell sombre story.

To energize your newly calm spirit, go to the Wagah border. The Indian and Pakistani army has an elaborate “lowering of the flags” ceremony at the border of the countries, every evening. The mini parade and energetic ceremony is an amazing display of patriotism.

While the experiences are great, the icing on the cake during an Amritsar visit is thedelicious food. Creamy lassi made from fresh yogurt, stuffed bread cooked on coal and served hot with a generous dollop of butter, and tandoori chicken with spicy masalas are all served in traditional family owned restaurants around the city.

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