Kolkata is a city that clings tightly to its cultural roots. From its distinctive yellow cabs, to the old-school architecture, and mustard-rich cuisine-Kolkata has its own charming identity.

Navigate the city leisurely on its tram network, one of the last few in the world. Try to get on the one from Esplanade to Behalla for pretty views. The trams get you to most of the important sights, markets, and restaurants. In fact, an air-conditioned tram has recently been launched, and this one has a restaurant in the tram and it stops at most historic monuments of the city.

Kolkata serves some of the best food in the country. Flury’s Bakery, once considered the best English bakery in Asia, is an absolute can’t miss. As are the line of street vendors at New Market. Fish lovers are in for a treat in this city, since most eateries will boast of secet recipes for mustard doused fish. And for those with a sweet tooth, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. MishtiDoi, a sweet yogurt and sandesh, a sweet cheese, are some favourites.

If you happen to visit at the end of the year, during the festivities of Durga Puja- you’re in luck! Food, music, dancing, and happy spirits take over every street. Come, join in!


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