Try to describe India in one word. The answers will probably be colorful, spiritual, or exotic. One word that is rarely associated with India is romance. Beautiful and secluded, Udaipur is the romantic side of India that you never thought existed.

In Udaipur, you’re never far from lakes, palaces, and luxury. The city is built around lakes where quiet moments, romantic boat rides, and extravagant hotels are in plenty. In the early 16th century, Udaipur became the capital of the Mewar Kingdom of Rajasthan and lavish palaces were built all around the city. These palaces have been well preserved and most have been converted to hotels, where travelers can live the ancient royal life with modern conveniences. Even James Bond spent time at the palaces of Udaipur. The character Octopussy was shown living at the Lake Palace, a dreamy abode that looks like it is floating in the middle of Pichola Lake. This used to be the royal summer palace for Maharana Jagat Singh in the 18th century and has now been converted into a heritage hotel. Even today, the rooms, fountains, and gardens within the hotel are fit for royalty. And the only way to get there is by a personal jetty service.

In Udaipur, everything is larger than life. Grand parties fill the city during wedding season, hotels have walls made of marbles and precious stones, and royal butlers look after every visitor’s tiny need.

Visit Udaipur to give a rest to the explorer’s hat, to forget about history and facts, and to skip the crowded bazaars. This is where you come to rejuvenate, just like the royals did!

Sights & Activities

City Palace, Udaipur

Home to the stunning Jag Mandir (World Temple) in the middle of Lake Pichola, two heritage palace hotels and the City Palace Museum, Udaipur’s City Palace complex is the largest in Rajasthan and an ode to the state’s royal legacy. Its location atop a hill offers panoramic views of the city below, and it featured in the famous James Bond movie, Octopussy. The City Palace complex, which belongs to the royal Mewar family of Udaipur, was built alongside the city of Udaipur and took 300 years to complete – its opulence is evidence! The elements of the complex are a fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles, and each pillar is steeped in the proud royal history of this city, often called the Venice of the East.

Boat Cruise on Lake Pichola

Cruising through Lake Pichola, as the setting sun lends a poetic touch to the historic city of Udaipur, is the highlight of any trip to Rajasthan. Made by a local gypsy in the 14th century, the shores of the lake are surrounded by ancient stepped ghats (banks), and dotted with ancient havelis (mansions) and lavish palaces. Journey along Rajasthan’s fascinating history, as you stop at islands within the lake, home to well-preserved temples and palaces-turned-hotels, the most popular of them being the stunning 18th century Jag

Eklingji and Nagda Temple

108 exquisitely sculpted temples stand in the Eklingji Hindu temple complex of Udaipur; Eklingji is revered as the ruling deity of the local Mewar people, and believe to be a form of the warrior God Shiva. The well-preserved main temple was first built in the 10th century, destroyed, and rebuilt from its marble and granite ruins in the 15th century, with an elaborate design of pillars and pyramids. Nearby, Nagda is the site of the ruins of a 10th century Vaishanvite (warrior clan) twin temple, which though vandalized, is set amid the tranquility of lush fields and ponds.


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