Nagarhole National Park

There’s something delightful about a gushing river. You can feel the magic as it flows through untouched villages, forests, and mountains— sharing its energy along the way. The Kabini River originates in the gorgeous Wayanad district of Kerala and carries along its charm to the Nagarhole National Park.

So it’s no wonder that relaxing by the riverside or taking a ride on a donut-shaped native boat called coracle, are some of the most popular activities at this wildlife reserve. Tigers, leopards, elephants, birds, and reptiles thrive in this moist deciduous forest. The teak, rosewood, and sandalwood trees give the forest its distinct look.

Nature lovers will take joy in the fact that this forest is open throughout the year. Unlike some reserves that shut in the monsoon, Nagarhole comes alive during the wet season. The lakes bounce with life, the trees sparkle after their wash in the drizzle, and the air fills with the delicious smell of wet mud. Winter brings in hundreds of migratory birds from around the world and summer dries out the water bodies, creating trails that easily allows visitors to view packs of wild wolves, elephants, and leopards. It’s always a good time to visit and enjoy this forest.

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