Pench National Park

Remember Mowgli? This famous wild boy created by Rudyard Kipling in ‘The Jungle Book’ was raised by the friendly wildlife of Pench! If that isn’t enough incentive, then the varied birdlife will be. Pench never disappoints a birdwatcher. Parakeets, Cuckoos, Tailorbirds, Bulbuls, Minivets, Sunbirds fill the canopy with a soulful chorus. And Herons, Whitenecked Storks, Darters, and Egrets occupy the luxurious water bodies. Many Turtles, Pythons, and Marsh Crocodiles will keep reptile lovers busy too. Bears love hanging out in the hilly parts of the forest and wild boar is found everywhere. Wild dogs or Dhole can be seen in large packs and Chinkara Deer in large herds in open areas. Keep plenty of time for numerous safaris and look hard. You might just spot Sher Khan, Bagheera and Baloo!

LODGING IN Pench National Park

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