Ranthambore National Park

What sets the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve apart from the others in India is the fact that it is a great conservation example. The tigers here are well protected by the dedicated local community and tourism is controlled. So, apart from being a guilt-free safari it’s also an extremely exciting one.

A small number of jeeps and canters enter this tiger reserve every morning and slowly make their way towards the three water bodies, to spot animals quench their thirst. At these water holes, you will usually spot sloth bears, leopards, hyenas, jackals, and even tigers. Look out for the hundreds of rare birds that live here including the crested serpent eagle, great Indian horned owl, Asian paradise flycatcher, painted stork, and white rumped vulture. See if you can spot a white-throated kingfishers swooping in to catch a wriggly fish or keep conversation with the welcoming langur monkeys that love to chatter with visitors.

Ranthambore offers a high chance of spotting a wild tiger. But even if the majestic big cat manages to stay away from peering eyes, it’s easy to feel its strong presence. Telltale marks of tree bark scratches and several pugmarks make you feel close to the graceful animal. You know a tiger is near when the herds of deer start to get jumpy and the monkeys on lookout duty scream out their alarm calls. It’s time to get your binoculars out and enjoy the rare chance to get close to this king of Ranthambhore.

LODGING IN Ranthambore National Park

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